Interview with Dillard Munford

What was your, what was Maynard's agenda as mayor, in your opinion?


Well, he was charged, ah, as I understand, by the, the Black power structure to, to get elected and ah, to run as a young thirty-two year old. And, if he was defeated, he had his future ahead of him. He was a lawyer, and a good lawyer. And, if, if he won, he would ah, be a top man, and his charge was to convert the city from a White majority government to a Black majority government. And, he did that. He did. He brought in people who were absolutely inexperienced, and had no place they could get experience. This was, we ran a mass of on the job training for the public officials in 1974. And, Maynard was right in the middle, and he had no staff of experienced people. He told me later, when I was fussing at him about not returning my phone calls, he said at one time, he was 700 phone calls behind. So, he had no, he was not a business person, himself. And, he didn't know about delegating authority, or responsibility. So, he just had this turmoil around him of good folks, supporters, and, political hanger-oners. But, nobody knew how to run an organization, or how to run an office. Particularly office of mayor, which is the number one office in the city.