Interview with Diane Nash


Diane Nash:

The students met on Tennessee A&I's campus, and we marched, I think, three abreast. We were very organized. One of the things that we made it a point to was that whenever there was a demonstration, we were to be overly dressed. The men generally wore suits and ties, and the women—we looked like we were dressing up for Sunday. And anyway, we marched quietly. We were met later by students at Fisk. We passed Fisk campus. And other students, other schools had points where they joined in to the march. There were many thousands of people that marched that day. We marched silently, really. And the—the long line of students must have continued for many, many blocks. Miles, maybe. And we marched to the mayor's office. We had sent telegrams ahead of time—


12 November 1985, Chicago, Illinois, Sound Roll 1325, Camera Roll 357, 100 feet remaining. Interview with Diane Nash.