Interview with Fred Nauman

OK, was that true? Was there that same sort of reluctance once the year began and really '67-'68 year, that same distrust?


Ah, well it never went, the distrust never went away. Ah, it, it reduced some, things calmed down, ah, but for a period of weeks even months, ah, there was pressure on the teachers to elect someone to sit on the Governing Board and the, ah, the teachers felt that they, they didn't think it was right. We didn't feel it was right for us to participate in that way, ah, since we had no choice about the set up of the program. And, ah, there were a number of, ah, steps by the administration including, ah, that they selected who would be on the Governing Board and they selected from those who, ah, obviously agreed with what was going on. Ah, so the tension continued.