Interview with Fred Nauman

Could you talk about that division between teachers.


Ah, the division between teachers really happened more as a result of the, ah, '67 strike than anything else. Ah, most of us saw the strike as a regular, ah, labor union strike against the employer, ah, it had no particular significance in Ocean Hill. It was strike that was going on city wide, ah, it was a strike initially for, ah, monetary gain but then primarily, ah, for one other thing. The district was supposed to have been created for and that was the more effective schools, the increase of the more effective schools. Ah, we thought it was a good strike with a good cause. Some of the teachers, some of the people we had, ah, worked closely with crossed the picket line, ah, and mostly, mostly they were Black teachers that were also involved and some White teachers. Ah, and, they did so, ah, many of them, because they had been pressured by the community. Ah, a few of them, as a matter of fact, ah, left the district because of the pressure at that point. But that started the division really, the division between, ah, our terminology would have been the, the unionists and the scabs.