Interview with Fred Nauman

Right, then what happened?


Ah, the principal, ah, Bill Harris, called a special assembly, ah, and all the students were brought in, into the assembly, all those that could be corralled, ah, and at the beginning of the meeting, ah, the, ah, principal asked, these, he made the offer that the White teachers who wanted to leave could leave. Ah, some of us left, ah, we were very disturbed by the fact that we had been segregated, ah, that this was something, ah, that, ah, seemed to be saying to the students, ah, these people should not be here for this. Ah, those of us who left went, ah, I believe to the library and, and met and discussed what was going on. Some others stayed and then came and reported to us, ah, that what happened was an incitement to, to violence really, ah, by a number of people, governing board members and particularly, Leslie Campbell, ah, who had made some very insightful statement to, to these youngsters. When that assembly was over, ah, the youngsters left the auditorium. Ah, I believe school was, the principal said everybody was to go home. Ah, the students left the auditorium and rampaged throughout the building. Ah, they tore up a lot of things that were around the building and they attacked a number of people. Ah, one young lady, a young Jewish teacher, ah, was, ah, actually, she, apparently, the reason that was given later was that she had torn down some of these signs, ah, and which she may very well had done. I know I took some down. Ah, she was mobbed by a bunch of youngsters, thrown down, her dress was torn, her, hands full of hair, ah, were pulled from her head. Ah, she was badly bruised and badly shaken up. Another teacher was knocked unconscious and sent to the hospital. Ah, someone else who tried to leave was, ah, had beer cans thrown at him and he had to run back into the building.