Interview with Fred Nauman

Can you describe the reason and what happened when Rhody McCoy and Bill Harris came to visit you and Peter Zifnet[SIC]?


Ah, as a result of, of the wild situation in the school, the school was closed for one or two days. Ah, the teachers met, ah, and the leadership of the teachers in the district met, ah, and were very, ah, upset. Many, many of the teachers did not want return for they were afraid literally for their lives. Ah, we called, and I don't remember the order of the phone calls, it was a long time ago, but we called, ah, Bill Harris and I believe he called Rhody McCoy. We invited him to a meeting at my house, ah, so that the leadership, ah, of these teachers in the district, ah, could meet with, ah, the administration and try and get them to do something to defuse this very volatile situation. Ah, they came to my house, ah, we had a meeting. I think there were about 20 teachers there, ah, and, ah, Harris and McCoy, we had made up a several items that we wanted done. As I recall, ah, we had said that we wanted some sort of an assembly called that the students were to be informed by legitimate leaders, McCoy, Harris, ah, that we were not their enemies. Ah, there were a number of items that, that had to do with pacifying things. Ah, we were shocked that instead of saying yes to something, we thought was quite reasonable and obvious, something that should have been done without our even asking it, ah, McCoy's response was that he couldn't make that decision, ah, the Governing Board would have to make that decision. We asked to meet the Governing Board, ah, and McCoy said he'd arrange it. I called him several times during the next week. He never arranged it. He obviously never took it up with anyone.