Interview with Fred Nauman

How did you learn about the supposed the transfers in May of '68? Do you remember the letter that you received? I know at first you may have gotten a call from Sandy Feldman. Can you just talk us through that?


Ah, on the evening of May 8, 1968 I received a call at home from Sandy Feldman, the union representative in the district. And she told me that she had heard that something was about to happen. She did not know precisely what. The next morning, ah, I was called, I believe I was called to the principal's office to receive a registered letter. Ah, some of the teachers had, had the registered letters delivered to them in their classes. Ah, and, ah, the letters basically, ah, said that, ah, the governing board had voted, ah, to terminate their employment in the district. That was, that was the specific language, ah, that part of the letter.