Interview with Fred Nauman

What, when you tr- what did you feel was going on in the Black community at that time in terms of an increased militancy? How would you describe what was going on?


Ah, I think, to, to talk about the Black community, ah, you almost have to divide, you have to define what community means. The community of Ocean Hill-Brownsville, the, the parents of youngsters we had been teaching, did not change a great deal. Ah, I think they were friendly to us before and for the most part friendly to us during and after. Ah, what did happen is that a number of people, ah, some of whom had come from outside, some of whom never were part of the local community, ah, had begun to incite, ah, some, they incited students. They incited some of the neighborhood toughs, ah, and there this, this one. So, which community we're talking about will determine the answer to that question.