Interview with Fred Nauman

Once again, could you talk about how important anti-semitism was or was not in Ocean Hill-Brownsville and any specific incidents that you can remember.


Ah, I didn't feel then and I don't feel now that anti-semitism was a major part of, of that situation. Ah, it was a Black-White confrontation, a lot of the teachers involved were Jewish, ah, so some people drew that conclusion from the start.** Ah, it became more serious when, ah, the, ah, gentleman who was not a part of the district. He was a teacher from somewhere outside, who usually came where there was troubles, ah, produced a leaflet and somehow got it distributed in everybody's mailboxes in, ah, many of the schools. I'm not sure if it was all, ah, which, ah, was a, a virulent anti-Semitic piece. That, of course, was picked up by the press and became a cause celebre.