Interview with Fred Nauman

How did you feel, we're jumping ahead to '68, when your back in the schools. How did you feel as an educator when you were reinstated into the schools but, but you weren't allowed to teach when you were made to review texts? Just sort of describe that.


I, I think, ah, our feelings when we, ah, when we did get back into the schools, after, several times after, after the various strikes. Ah, in each case we felt that we had been somewhat, ah, led down the garden path because in each, each case we had been promised we would be teaching again. And in each case, ah, we were not. Ah, something was done to keep us from teaching. Either we were ordered to go to the District Office or, ah, to meet in an auditorium, ah, or, ah, we were given classrooms with no students in them, and, ah, or were sent to classrooms where there was already a teacher who, ah, one of the so-called loyal teachers, ah, who ordered us out. It was very frustrating situation.


Cut for a second.