Interview with Fred Nauman

Could you describe what happened what, what you meant, what situation you experienced when you were back into the classroom, that fall of '68?


Ah, the students, ah, who we finally got to face in the classroom had been thoroughly coached, ah, that they were not allowed, to allow us to communicate with them. Ah, they, ah, would chant whenever one of us would start to say something to them. Ah, making any form of communication impossible. It was, ah, just a terrible situation, trying to, to get a class to sit still to open their notebooks when, when they couldn't hear you because a group of them would be doing this. At one point, ah, during one of the first days back, ah, in one of the classes, a youngster, ah, who as I was trying to quiet the class down, ah, uttered some profanity and wouldn't listen, he was told not to listen to me and he threw a chair, ah, and he then picked up another chair to throw. I took, grabbed the chair out of his hand, ah, he ran out of the room. Later on there were all kinds of reports that he had a broken hand, it was a cut hand. He appeared on television that evening with a hand in a cast, all kinds of accusations. I would say that, ah, the accusations started because nothing ever happened, but, ah, there were threats against my life and the State overseer of the schools at that point, ah, removed me from the school, they said, for my own safety.