Interview with Fred Nauman

How did your personal feelings about the Civil Rights Movement or analyzing Black/White issues, change during that time?


I, I had been a, a strong supporter of the Civil Rights Movement, ah, strong supporter of, of, ah, Martin Luther King and, ah, obvious, not of the militant Black movements. I didn't support the Black Panthers but, but I supported the Civil Rights Movement and I was for, every time there was a confrontation of some type, between Black and White, I, I tended to side with the Black. This was the first time, ah, because I was personally involved that, that I discovered, ah, ah, this revelation that it was possible to be Black and to be wrong. Ah, that, that this naive attitude I had previously was just that, it was naive. And, ah, I think I'm better for it, that I can judge things today, ah, based on the individuals rather than on the skin color.


Cut. I think that's it.