Interview with Fred Nauman

When the experiment began in the fall of '67 why was there some reluctance on the part of some teachers to go along with the experiment?


Well, the reluctance developed, ah, really over the summer because we had been told one thing in the spring and that is that, ah, we would be a part of this, ah, full-partner in this experiment. And in the summer those, those of us who were involved during the summer found that that just wasn't true. And, ah, any suggestions that were made by the teachers were, ah, either disregarded or, or, or actually, ah, they were insulted about making them. Ah, in addition to which the, the one thing that was very clear from the beginning, ah, Father Powis who had explained the entire proposal to us at a staff meeting in June, had told us that, ah, every school would have a chance to vote, ah, in the fall as to its involvement in the, in the program and the demonstration. When we came back in September we were told, "Well that's tough. It's, ah, we voted it. It's here and you'll cooperate."