Interview with Huey P. Newton

What were your feelings when you went on the police patrols. You might describe them a little bit. How did you feel?


Well, every time we would go out on the police, ah, alert patrols or surveillance patrols that, ah, I was feeling we might not come back, ah, I felt that, ah, the police, ah, might shoot us because they were very, ah, disturbed, to say the least, about our, the presence of Blacks with guns. Ah, and, ah, ah, some of the works of, ah, of, ah, of, ah, Fidel Castro, ah, when he was in the Sierra Maestra, or matter of fact before he left, ah, Mexico, ah, that he asked that, ah, everyone give their name, their first of kin, or someone to be notified in case of their death. And, ah, when people have to do that in his, ah, guerrilla organization, ah, everything became very serious. And, ah, so we would, ah, before we would go, before we went on our first patrol and anyone who would join us after, we would always, ah, asked, who, who should be notified in case of their death. And this would make it very serious to the person.