Interview with Huey P. Newton

The Panthers often quoted the law. Could you talk about the importance of law, you had spoke to the Panthers. Was it tactical or was there a philosophical agreement? What were some of the books that you read and what was the some of the texts that you read?


Well, while I was at Oakland City College I took a law enforcement course and, ah, ah, it was _Criminal Evidence_ by Alarcon and Fricke, in, ah, Criminal Law. And this was the, the textbooks used by the, ah, local law enforcement agencies. And, ah, that, ah, in criminal evidence there was a reasonable, there was a section inside of the book on reasonable cause to search and reasonable cause to stop. And, ah, We would, ah, follow the police around and when the police would arrest or detain someone we would read their rights to them. ** Ah, we would stand at a distance where the police couldn't say that we were interfering with their arrest or their detention of the individual. And, ah, make sure that there was no brutality. Of course this, this turned, ah, the wrath of the police on, ah, towards the Party. And, ah, if they arrested anyone we would, ah, in some cases we would go down to bail them out. Ah, thereby getting a new recruit in our organization.