Interview with Huey P. Newton

Why were the draft riots in October of' 67, why were they significant in terms of the changing approach of the White left? What are some of your personal memories of the draft riots?


Ah, I went to, ah, a, ah, to the Oakland Induction Center where there was a march going on. And, ah, against the, the recruiting of, ah, of, ah, soldiers for Vietnam. And the police moved in, and, started to beat the demonstrators. And I heard some of the, ah, the White progressives say that, ah, ah, we need guns. And of course we had concluded that before, we weren't armed at this particular meeting. As a matter of fact, ah, I think it was only Bobby and I who went down. Ah, this was shortly after the Party was created. And, ah, ah, matter of fact, after that event that we had a closer relationship with the White progressives in the area. At that time we called them White radicals.