Interview with Huey P. Newton

What happened that night in October of 1967, the night you were shot, Officer Frey was killed and you were arrested? Can you just talk us through that?


Ah, ah, we had, I had been to a party meeting and, ah, we, ah, after the meeting broke up I went down in 7th Street which is, was a all night spot for, ah, food and, ah, ah, as I, ah, drove down that, ah, I noticed the police following me. And the, ah, finally the police stopped me on 7th and, ah, I think, ah, 7th and Willow. And, ah, the police came up, came around to my car and, ah, there was a back-up, so there were two police cars and so the police see, I don't know whether if he followed me because, ah, he had discovered who I was but, ah, he asked my name. I gave him my name. And he told me to get out of the car. Ah, I asked him, I asked the police, "Was there any reasonable cause to stop me?" And he just said, "Get out of the-", he just repeated, "Get out of the car." As I got out of my car, that, ah, I took my book with me. There was a passenger, ah, who also was a party member, ah, riding in the car also. And, ah, as I started to walk, the police then told me to walk back to his car. And as I walked back to the car, ah, I turned around and started to read the, ah, reasonable cause to stop law from my law book, Alarcon and Fricke and, ah, the police then, ah, ah, told me that, ah, well, he had it, he had every right to stop me. And, ah, to go to the car and I continued to read and he pulled his revolver and shot me. Ah, I was wounded in the stomach. And, ah, ah, there was a lot of gunfire. I was, ah, when I was shot I became unconscious. Ah, ah, there was many people on the street at the time. Ah, the police officer, one police officer was killed. Ah, he was, ah, it was finally concluded that, ah, by my attorneys anyway that he was killed by a shot from his back. Ah, by the, ah, second police officer. The second police officer was also shot. He was shot about five times and the first police officer about three times. Ah, at the time that I was not armed. Ah, the police officer, the, the, ah, the pathologist discovered that the police was shot by his own weapon.