Interview with Huey P. Newton

OK, um, I'm going to jump ahead a little bit. How did your arrest after, ah, how did your arrest affect the party? Now, they're leader is in prison. And how were you able to communicate while you were in jail?


Well I, ah, when I was arrested, the, ah, I was taken to Kais- Kaiser Hospital. I was transferred from Kaiser Hospital to Highland Hospital. And, ah, ah, as soon as they, this was, ah, October, it was near Christmas time, ah, I became conscious with the, ah, ah, ah, a local disc jockey, ah, ah, dedicating a song, ah, to me. And, ah, the, ah, Beverly Axe- well first it was Beverly Axelrod who arrived, came to the, the attorney was at that time was Eldridge Cleaver's girlfriend, came to the, ah, hospital. Ah, and discussed with me, ah, a, ah, a, ah, support group and a fund raising group in order to defend me. I communicated with the party through the attorneys. Before I went to, ah, before I was held for murder in the first degree, ah, I was shipped to, not to the county jail but to San Quentin, ah, prison and I was put on death row there. And, ah, at the time they said, this is necessary because at the time the, ah, the, ah, county hospital did not have a, a detention center. So, ah, they, as they put me on death row, they, ah, ah, ah, the, ah, a group of police were on either side, three in the front, three in the, in the back and I was on the gurney. And they would, ah, they were chanting, "Dead man. Dead man." Later I found out that this was the usual procedure of any condemned man who is coming off of death row to see his attorney and so forth. Of course I wasn't condemned yet.