Interview with Huey P. Newton

OK, and let's continue with this talk about language and the decision not to use certain words.


Ah, during the, ah, the, the, ah, ah, free speech movement led by Mario Savio, ah, it later grew into, ah, it was corrupted into a dirty word movement. Ah, matter of fact in my autobiography, _Revolutionary Suicide_, I made a great mistake of, ah, of, ah, criticizing Savio for this but really he had nothing to do with it. Ah, Eldridge Cleaver was, ah, impressed with the dirty word movement. And, ah, this influenced Bobby Seale. I was always against the use of, ah, ah, dirty words because it didn't recruit anyone while it alienated the other people. Ah, many of the churches across the country allowed us to use their facilities for the Breakfast for Children Program. As a matter of fact at the time we were feeding about 75,000 children a day. And, ah, they, ah, eventually put us out of, they wouldn't let us use their facilities because of, ah, of the profanity. Ah, I think that led into the contradiction that, ah, in the, in the, ah, ah, in the division of the Party, matter of fact. Ah, the, because I was against, ah, the, ah, use of dirty words. Also, this was about '69 and I was also against, ah, ah, I was, I was for getting rid of all the arms and just, ah, concentrate upon building local political institutions. And, ah, and participating in candidates for City Council and so forth. Ah, ah, David Hilliard, Bobby Seale, and Eldridge Cleaver were for, ah, the profanity and, ah, they were, well, I don't know about Bobby Seale but, ah, I felt that David Hilliard was leaning towards Eldridge Cleaver. Of course the FBI and the, ah, COINTELPRO were aware of the brewing contradiction. Ah, and, ah, they took advantage of this by writing letters, ah, of, a, threatening letters to either party, ah.