Interview with Huey P. Newton

How did the media become part of the Panther strategy? How did it help the Panthers in terms of growth but also how did it hurt the Panther Party in terms of its relationship with the Black community?


Ah, the media, ah, first of all the media, ah, initially, ah, publicizes where that, ah, and it causes immediate growth. For, for an example the, ah, they covered Sacramento, ah, they covered, ah, I was escorting Malcolm X widow from the airport, ah, while they, ah, they reported the sensational parts of our movement, ah, they neglected the, ah, the community programs that were, that were really the basis of our whole, ah, organization. They, they, ah, neglected reporting the development of the, ah, of our political, ah, our political, our ability to politicize a community. Ah, also the Party grew much too rapidly, ah, because many of the young people were in, very enthusiastic about the guns and about the berets but, ah, they knew little about the community programs that, that really, ah, that are our reason for existing.**