Interview with Huey P. Newton

What possibilities did you see in the merger with the SNCC leadership particularly merging with Carmichael and how did you feel about Carmichael's strong nationalist stance particularly at the February '68 birthday rally, the Free Huey birthday rally?


Ah, well first, I had a lot of respect for Rap Brown and Stokely Carmichael, ah, SNCC, ah, carried the national and international support and, ah, ah, I felt that Stokely Carmichael could, ah, and the SNCC organization could better lead the Black Panther Party than even the, ah, ah, ah, the, ah, ah, executives in the Party. Ah, also I thought it would be a good, ah, example set, of Black unity and not, ah, ah, attempting to, ah, to compete for the center stage. Ah, at the, at the time of the birthday party SNCC was in a great transition period. And, ah, we felt that we could sway Carmichael's political stance with out popularity, our popularity throughout the community. So we weren't, ah, too afraid of his, ah, his, ah, posture on separation. We thought that we could, ah, the community would, ah, ameliorate this, ah, particular kind of, ah, rhetoric that he was giving.