Interview with Huey P. Newton

Why did the Panthers take the conscience stand, the conscious stance after the death of Martin Luther King to discourage rebellion in the open community? Can you talk about that?


Ah, after Martin Luther King, Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated, ah, the, ah, police across the country were prepared and expecting a, a uprising in the community. And we felt that, ah, to protect the community from that kind, from the kind of brutality that, ah, that we anticipated we would ask the community not to, ah, ah, not to have an open rebellion. At the time I was in the county jail awaiting trial for, ah, murder of Oakland police officer and assault and, ah, attempted murder on another. And that I communicated with the Party that we should not have any, ah, rebellion, encourage our chapters across the country to try to, to, ah, ah, ah, to contain the community from, ah, ah, open resistance.