Interview with Huey P. Newton

How did the food programs and later the survival programs fit within the Panther philosophy? Just talk about their place within the organization.


Well, the, ah, the, ah, food program and the, ah, ah, escorting the elderly to the, ah, ah, to pick up a check so they weren't mugged. Ah, giving care to them, was the basis of our program. Ah, our Ten Point Program, ah, was aimed at, ah, creating institutions in the community that really served the community. And, ah, so these were alternative, alternative institutions, ah, that, ah, served while those institutions that were supposed to, to, ah, answer most of the desires of the people in the community, ah, did not do it. So, ah the food program, ah, the, the, ah, ah, housing program, ah, was to, to answer really, ah, ah, the need of, ah, to, to answer the need for developing community.