Interview with Huey P. Newton

Where did you see the Black Panther Party headed by the end of '68? At that point you're in prison, you've been convicted. Seale is under indictment. Cleaver is out of the country. What did you think was going to happen?


Well, again, that I wanted to emphasize the, ah, ah, the, ah, community development aspect of the party. Ah, we were at the time that we were just creating the, ah, ah, we were planning our creation of community school. Ah, we were having busing programs to prisons where we would pick up, ah, ah, community people and take them to the various penal institutions. Ah, I felt that we should turn away from the arms because too much had been made of them. And I thought that, I thought that the arms had served their purpose as far as being a catalyst to, ah, to get, to gain enthusiasm of the community.