Interview with Huey P. Newton

I'm just going to go over two questions briefly. Again, could you talk about the impact of King's death on the growth of the party and again how it may have affected New York and eastern sectors more, that growth may have affected those eastern sectors more than it did Oakland.


Ah, when Martin Luther King, when Martin, when Dr. Martin Luther King was assassinated, ah, people were dis- became disillusioned especially the youth, very disillusioned with the old Civil Rights Movement. Ah, they felt that it wouldn't work. That, ah, it was proved that it wouldn't work by, by the assassination of Martin Luther King. And, ah, ah, as a consequence the growth was very heavy in the, ah, especially all over, but even more so, more prominent, in the, ah, on the East Coast. That's probably because conditions on the East Coast, living conditions and survival conditions, ah, were much more, ah, ah, dreadful than even on the West Coast here, where the weather is much better.