Interview with Huey P. Newton

The last question again, the use of profanity and let's just stop in '68, what was your position and how did that position differ from Cleaver's position in terms of the use of profanity?


Ah, ah, Eldridge Cleaver was a influenced by the, ah, dirty word movement that grew out of Mario Savio's free speech movement. And, ah, the dirty word movement, ah, ah, I, I didn't feel that in the Black community that it recruited anyone. It alienated people. Ah, for instance in the church, in many churches that, ah, allowed us to, ah, use their facilities for, ah, Breakfast for Children Program, were ousted because of the, the profanity, ah, that was used by Eldridge Cleaver and later Bobby Seale and David Hilliard followed this. They were impressed with it. And, ah, I was against it and, and, matter of fact, that started to brew dissension in the party.


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