Interview with Huey P. Newton

Are there specific events or relationships that have helped advance your political grounding, ah, I mean, things that you remember that sort of helped you in forming your political thought?


Well, my family, ah, was where, they were always, ah, interested in politics especially my father. As, ah, when we moved to Oakland we were connected to the, ah, matter of fact my father was a, the, ah, assistant pastor to Antioch Baptist Church, ah, Reverend Thomas was the, ah, pastor. And this was down on 7th Street. Ah, the church was, became a member of the NAACP. And, ah, matter of fact, ah, in the early '50s, that, ah, ah, King was invited out, ah, by a collection of churches. And that was my first time hearing King at the, ah, Oakland Auditorium, I believe. But my family was, ah, interested in improving the political and economic situation of Blacks.