Interview with Huey P. Newton

How did Bobby Seale and you use the anti-poverty office as a base of operation for the early work of the Black Panther Party?


Ah, Bobby Seale and I used the North Oakland Service Center as a, ah, ah, really as a work, as a, ah, the original, ah, work spot to put together, ah, our program. They had, ah, in, they had all the machinery, mimeograph machines and typewriters. Ah, also they were, at the time in the, ah, in the poverty program, the North Oakland Service Center was a part of the poverty program. And, ah, the service centers collected names of people on welfare, elderly people who needed aid. We used those lists to go around and canvass the community in order to find out, ah, the desires of the community. So, ah, we would, ah, go from house to house and explain, ah, to people, ah, our program. We printed up the first program at the North Oakland Service Center.