Interview with John Nichols

Why do you think ?


Well if I look at the riot from a sociological standpoint, I'd be ill-equipped to do it. I'm not a sociologist. I look at it in terms of a purely police response, and I think part of the problem was we could not get enough people into the area rapidly enough to establish the show of force that was necessary. By the time we got people mobilized, the area was too great to attempt to contain, and we attempted to contain it. We made some tactical changes in our dispositions the following year in the Martin Luther King assassination, we went into a more mobile type of, of operation, and it worked much better. But at the time we followed the, what was then the schooled solution, and that was to isolate the area, to send troops in, to, to attempt to, to break the riot by segregating the small por--small pockets and, and dispersing them.