Interview with John Nichols

And if you had the chance to respond, we talked to a member of the Black community and he said--


Well, I think that, that's a foregone that there are always those charges made in every major city that's had a riot, it's always been the fault of the police. I maintain that, I can't speak for other cities, I do know what the temper and the tenor of Detroit was, and it's not just my opinion, it's an opinion that was shared by people who are far more astute than I in the area of social progress and social gains, and human and race relations. I think that my own experience would lead me to believe that there was an honest effort and a very good fulfillment of an, of an attempt to make the department more responsive to the needs of its citizens, and I don't think that anybody can deny that. The fact that it happened here did not necessarily mean that, that we were amiss, it just means we might have been doing enough or that somebody else seized upon an opportunity or exploited a weakness that we had.