Interview with John Nichols


Well to begin with, "blind pigs" I guess, are a vernacular of the mid-west. A blind pig is an after hour liquor spot. And the reason it was raided at 3 o'clock in the morning is that they don't start running until after the bars close at 2 o'clock. Ah, generally it's a question of somebody going in, making an illegal buy or a buy of illegally sold whiskey, notifying the crew, ah, arresting the people, taking them into the station, booking them, in most instances they're, they're immediately bonded out. So, it's a fairly routine thing. And in that particular area of the city, was not unusual at all. Ah, anybody who, ah, wanted to, could buy a few bottles of whiskey and open up an apartment and they ranged from fairly exclusive after hour spots to what we used to call lightning joints where people would just drop in for a quick, quick, ah, double dip of, ah, rotgut whiskey. This was a fairly large one, bigger than they expected, and the number of people that they caught in the raid exceeded what they planned on taking. They figured about 20; it was close to 85 or 90, I think, so that there was a shuttle that had to run and that gave the crowd time to maneuver and time to, to excite themselves.