Interview with E.D. Nixon


E.D. Nixon:

If, if I had hadn't been president of the Brotherhood, I mean of the NAACP at the time this happened, why I would have handled Mrs. Parks case under the auspices of NAACP. But the man who was president at that time, he didn't believe in cutting any corners when I told him about what had happened. He said, "Well, I'd have to write the national office and, and get their consent to do that." I said, "Well, I'm going to tell—" See even a telephone call is too slow. I said that if you going to have to do that, I said, "I'm going to have to—I'm going to have to organize another organization, because we've got to move now." And the way I ain't…I said, "I ain't got time." I said, "In the morning is Saturday. Nobody in the office in the morning, in the NAACP office in the morning." I said, "And we got to have sudden start to work towards—so Monday we can do something." I said, "We can't wait that…to…I said, "If you going to write them, wait for an answer." I said "Well, we'll be way down the road when the letter get back." So, that's why the NAACP didn't have anybody…if I'd have been in chair I wouldn't have thought on no national order. I'd have got…got the thing in swing and then I'd have called them, told them. I said, "Man we in the—we in the something up to our necks down here. We—we'll pull a bus boycott, and told them what we'd do to them." I was reading in some book somewhere, some you know, it ain't been long ago where somebody said was talking about Rev. King. King criticized the NAACP. But I never heard that. I never heard him criticized, because I can't see how he did it, 'cause the NAACP really supported us. And supported most all these organizations, like SNCC and all of them that got arrested all across the country. It was the NAACP who put up the bond money. They got—the NAACP got bond money now scattered around all through the country. Yeah, and, and they can't get—but they put up their bonds and everything. So I, I think that when it's all said and done that the NAACP done its job, and my connection with the NAACP as President for about twelve years, and I served as State President two years, and I built a branch there from 400 members to 2,250 members, or 56 members.