Interview with Daisy Nunley

Did it make sense to you which stores got looted and which ones got burned?


Oh yes, it did, because there were, ah, some supermarkets in the neighborhood that, ah, didn't sell v- ah, products weren't very good. They sold bad meats, their stores weren't clean as they could be, and then there were other stores like the A&P market was, was well kept, they had nice food, their food was good, their prices were, were right, but, ah, so you expected, I expected that the Buy Low supermarket was going to be burned down. If they were going to burn down a supermarket, Buy Low's was one of the ones that was going to go because it was rotten. To me they, their products were, were terrible. They, the, th- their store was- wasn't kept as clean as it could be and, ah, the, ah, I, ah, went in there on one occasion, and I got bad meat that I had to return. And after that I just stopped shopping there and I just knew that Buy Low's was going to be a market that was going to be burned. And, ah, A&P might have been looted but, ah, it didn't get burned.