Interview with Daisy Nunley

Do you think the city and the, the government over-reacted to what was happening?


Um, at that particular time, ah, I think after the soldiers got in it was much calmer. They, they went about their work in a professional manner and, ah, ah, things sort of got back the way they were supposed to be after the soldiers got in because they, they, ah, you could see them and they were doing what they were supposed to do and they, ah, were respecting people's wishes. Ah, I, I remember that, ah, ah, on Grand River and, and West, ah, when they, ah, burned down a block the only thing that was left was a, a bank vault. The whole building was burned and the bank vault was left, and they were guarding the bank vault, two soldiers--the whole, everything, and it was just amazing to drive and see this huge bank vault standing out right--that was all was left.