Interview with Daisy Nunley

So as all this was going on, if you can tell me at your home what you were thinking and doing.


Well, by the, when my mother got home and, ah, I, ah, noticed it, that there was, my sister started calling me and she was saying about that time that, ah, they were, ah, burning some stores up on Grand River, from where her, where she lives at, she could see Grand River, I couldn't, the only thing I could see was, I could see people, ah, furniture in different people's cars going up and down the street, ah, the burning had started, and about that time, ah, there was a, ah, explosion on Pingrie, it was in a gas station, and a, ah, ah, cleaning establishment, and it had started to burn and it took out the whole block, it ignited a whole block on Pingrie. And, ah, from where I live at, I could see the flame shooting over, up. And about, ah, then you could see the flames coming from 12th Street. So I thought, I said, and where I live at, I'm four or five blocks from where the burning was taking place so I, I didn't know what to do, I just thought that maybe I'll go and get my, ah, all my, ah, important papers and have them ready, because I don't know what's going to happen, but I wanted to make sure that I had my children's birth certificate and my marriage license and my house insurance.


OK, I'm sorry, I'm going to stop you for a minute. I guess I need a better sense of--