Interview with C. Herbert Oliver

Great. Wonderful. Again, did you see the struggle on Ocean Hill-Brownsville as part of the civil rights or Black liberation struggle and in what way?


The struggle, ah, for civil rights in Birmingham was part and parcel of the struggle here. My involvement in Birmingham, however, was, ah, mainly with, ah, instances of alleged rights violations or police brutality. I was engaged for five years there in documenting cases of police brutality and circulating them around the nation and around the world. Ah, we have the same, ah, situation here when we came to Brooklyn. There were many Blacks were being killed by policemen and it was called justified homicide. However, the, the school situation here, it was slightly different in that, ah, you, our young people were structured to fail. And we felt that this was not why you have schools and we wanted to, we felt that our involvement was necessary to, ah, stop that process and to help our children get an adequate education.