Interview with C. Herbert Oliver

Great, good. Why--that night in May, May 7th of '68, why did the community find it necessary to transfer those nineteen teachers and administrators? And could you describe that night?


Well, when the nineteen teachers and supervisory personnel were transferred from the district on the night of May 7th, 1968, it was at the recommendation of the Personnel Committee. They had been having problems with some of the teachers and they felt that they, ah, should transfer them to the Central Board of Education, which meant that they would no longer teach in the district. They were not fired. We knew that we could not fire, we did, we did not attempt to fire. We simply transferred them and transfers were being effected constantly between our district and the Board of Education. When people wanted to leave they were transferred out. When some wanted to come in they were transferred in. Our action was simply to transfer out of the district those nineteen personnel. Most of whom were White. One was Black. Ah, and this was for, ah, seeking to better the education for the children.