Interview with C. Herbert Oliver

Okay. How did, how did the, let's back up, how, how did the community react when Donovan removed McCoy from Ocean Hill-Brownsville in October? What happened? What, what was the reaction? What happened that next day outside Junior High School 271?


After McCoy had been transferred out of the district there was very much disappointment and dissatisfaction in the community. And I do have a recollection of some kind of violent outbreak and I do have a recollection of a young man standing on top of a car and urging the young children to violent acts. And he was trying to stir them up to do things that they shouldn't do. He had no connection with the Governing Board. Ah, we learned later that, ah, he was in the employ of people who were working against us and people were urged to avoid him and from that time forth he was not able to stir up anyone else.