Interview with C. Herbert Oliver

Okay, let's back up. Who, who called that rally? Let's start from the beginning. And you might mention District 65, the, or Black trade unionists, once again.


The rally that was held in front of City Hall in support of the Governing Board had been organized mainly by, ah, the Black workers of District 65 and they were able to bring out a huge number of people. I don't have too much recollection of what people, what was said there. I only remember that there was great enthusiasm and great support for the Governing Board and that one moment the word was given, in fact someone told me when to tell the people to, "Let's march across the bridge." And I gave the word, across the bridge and that's when it began. A line of policemen came across the roadway because there was no preparation for this. And some ministers who led the group, among them, Bill Jones and Wyatt Walker, simply walked right on through the police line and the policemen stepped aside because there were just too many people for about a dozen policemen to try to tackle.


Great. Cut. Okay.