Interview with William O'Neal

Tell me about that. How, how did you, how, how did you, what, what was the work that you did? And how did you rise up through the, the ranks of the party?


Well, mainly, from, from day one, we had very little personnel and a lot of spots to fill, there were a lot of activity, a lot of things to do, and so naming positions at that point and filling those positions were really the leadership's responsibility at that point. And because of my knowledge of electronics and, you know, I was just a handy-man basically around the office, and we had this office building that they fel--felt like wasn't too secure. I started working right away to secure the building, and in that regard I fell right into the security position. And it got more sophisticated as donations start--started to flow. As the membership increased as a result of speaking engagements on school campuses and so forth, my responsibilities doubled and so I, I was given a staff of security people. And, and I just advanced from that point on.