Interview with William O'Neal

There's a floor plan of the apartment on Monroe street, and there are FBI memos that I've seen that don't identify, but the implication has always been that some of the information came from you, on reports about weapons being in Monroe Street. Did you give that information to Mitchell? And if so, could you describe it for me?


Well, I routinely supplied whatever floor plans or diagrams I could to the FBI. I, that started in June 1969. I mean, they had a floor plan and keys to the Black Panther headquarters. The specific apartment on Monroe, I supplied that floor plan. Perhaps not the one you saw, but I do remember meeting with Mitchell at, at one point and, and drawing up a diagram of the apartment. The one I've seen in, in, in court, that was a little bit more fine-tuned than the one that I, you know, drew.