Interview with William O'Neal

Describe to me the meeting where you remember giving information to Mitchell.


Well, the meeting was not unlike the other meetings we'd had. It was always at the same location. It was always during the daytime, and it was routine. I, here again, in my mind, I knew that a raid was being planned. In my mind, I knew it. I knew, also, from the type of information, that it would be probably a, a, a top raid, fo--meaning the leader, one of the leader's apartments. I also knew that the most vulnerable spot was, was Hampton's house because it was the one that had all the weapons in it. It was the one with the, with the, with the weapons. Very few of the other apartments had the kind of weapons he had at that apartment. So when he asked me for the diagram, it didn't surprise me. I knew that the raid was going to be planned. I felt like at, at that point, what they wanted to do was catch him with weapons and seal his conviction. If he'd have been caught with weapons out on appeal, he would have went straight to jail. And it, I don't, I can't recall it being expressed, I can't recall any specific conversations I've had with Mitchell about the raid, but we had such a unity of mind, so to speak, our efforts were basically one. I understood what was going on. He didn't have to tell me. He described to me going to the funeral of the two police officers who got killed, and I knew he was, I knew he was hurt by that, and I knew he was going to do what he could to help the police department do something about it.