Interview with William O'Neal

Bill, can you describe to me the circumstances under which you began working for the FBI?


Well, it was probably 1967. I was with a guy one night, a friend of mine, one night and we were drinking beer and we decided to go joy riding, and we jumped in a car and stole it. And we were driving round the city of Chicago for, of, forty-five minutes and decided to leave the city, and go visit a relative in another state, and we had an accident out of state, and, prior to the accident, we had walked into a pool hall, and we were shooting pool. And at this, at the door, you had to register your phone number and address, and we wrote down our names and phone numbers then went and shot a game of pool, and then came out and had an accident. We fled the accident on, on foot, um, messed around in the city awhile and then caught a bus back to Chicago. And, oh, about three or four months later I got a call from this FBI agent by the name of Roy Mitchell, and he told me that he knew what I had done, and we talke--we went around a couple of times. And he said something like, "Well, you know, ain't no--there's no need in you trying to bullshit me. I know you did it, but it's no big thing." He said, "I'm sure we can work it out." And, um, I think a few, few months passed before I heard from him again, and one day I got a call and he told me that it was payback time. He said that, "I want you to go and see if you can join the Black Panther Party, and if you can, give me a call."