Interview with William O'Neal

Walk me through the events of the evening of December the third. What you did, where you were.


December 3. It was cold that day. It was really a slow day. We were at the office. Hampton was there; Rush was there. The general staff was there, and there wasn't too much activity going on streetwise because the weather was so cold. It was a melancholy kind of day. It just came and went. It got down to the evening, we all decided to walk the block from the office to Hampton's house and eat dinner. The women were cooking dinner, a big dinner, big, I think we had chili and a big pot of spaghetti, and most of us who had labored that day at the office and were just looking forward to going over there and eating dinner and reading and just being together. It was just a slow day. It was the last day we, it would be, you know, it was the last type of day where we'd think that anything was going to happen. It was just too quiet, nothing was happening. Totally off-guard.