Interview with William O'Neal

There are conflicting autopsy reports that Fred Hampton may or may not have been drugged. There are stories about whether or not you brought Fred Hampton food or drink. Do you have any information about whether he was drugged?


Fred Hampton drugged? I've never known Fred, I knew him for about, oh, 16 months, I've been with him in a lot of different situations. We've been in hotels together, we've been out, he and I alone in the car, I've never known Fred to take drugs. And, to take it a step further, Fred would not tolerate anyone even smoking marijuana around him. And, I don't think any of us in the hierarchy of the, of the Black Panther Party would dare get drunk or drink, so alcohol and drugs were a no-no. As far as the rumors that he was drugged that night, unless he was on some type of medication, I think it was just rhetoric. I think it was fabricated. As far as the insinuation that myself or someone else in the house would have drugged Frank--ah, Fred Hampt--Fred Hampton, I don't buy it. There's just no way. Fred was the type of person that you didn't have to drug anyway. Fred was always tired. He could get in a car, and we couldn't ride two blocks without him dozing off. I mean, he, he just, he was a high-energy person that ran on very little fuel, and wherever he'd sit down, he was well-rested. I have never, I have never believed that, I mean--