Interview with William O'Neal

How did you learn about the police raid on the, the Monroe Street apartment?


Well, the following day I went directly to the office, and the office was empty. Unusually empty. There was one girl sitting behind the desk and she was on the phone, and there was just no people there. And, I walked in, and I guess it was about, oh, ten o'clock in the morning, and I walked in and I was waiting on her to get off the phone to ask, you know, what was up, and I saw a _Sun-Times_, a copy of _Sun-Times_ laying there, and it had this picture on there, and it had "Panther Leaders Slain" on it. And boy I felt bad. I felt, just, oh, I mean. I remember walking out of the office and looking through a little clearing over on the next block, which was right in front of uhm, the Monroe St. address and seeing a lot of police cars over there. And, uhm, at that time Bobby Rush came to the office, he had just come from over there, or maybe the coroner's office, and in any case, we walked on over there, and uhm, we both we're speechless. We just walked through the house and saw where it had taken place and where he had died, and it was just shocking.** That was--