Interview with William O'Neal

You said that he, he felt he might die after he got out of prison.


No. I think he felt after he got out of prison like he was a target, unfairly. I think he felt like he was getting, he was going to jail for five years, and, and nobody else was, and all he had done was basically gave speaking engagements. So I think he felt used, I think there was always a friction, a little bit of jealousy, between the price that the local chapters were paying and the splendor and the notoriety that the national leaders were getting, such as Eldridge Cleaver and, and Huey Newton and those guys. I, we felt like we were paying, the Panthers felt like they were paying a heavy, heavy price to be Panthers. And I think at one point Fred felt like he was a focal point of a national agency to get him, and they were going to get him one way or the other. And he felt pretty much taken out of the game with five years. I think he was resigned to, to going to prison, he was resigned to not being a Panther anymore. I--