Interview with William O'Neal

Do you regret the personal costs? Was there a personal cost during that period in terms of relationships with, with home or friends?


No, because the Party was, the Black Panthers were Communistic. Basically everything we had was within the Party. When I joined the Black Panther Party I developed friendships. I developed new friends within the Party. I was closely aligned with what they were doing. It was only certain individuals that were of any interest to the FBI. The FBI never asked me about the Breakfast for Children Program. They never asked me about the Free Medical Program. They never said anything other than ridicule the Black Panther Newspaper. They never questioned their right to have firearms. they were only interested in Panthers that were doing other things, Panthers aligned to SDS and the Weathermen back then, Panthers that were smuggling guns into the city. Every now and then I'd pick up a locker full of composition C4, and the FBI was interested in tracking the, that, that, that type of weapon, you know, to find out where it was destined to, you know. They were only interested in basically, the communications we had with other militant divisions, splinter groups outside of the, outside of the city. They never asked me about free clothes for children and stuff like that, no.