Interview with William O'Neal

Now you would, I assume, report this information back to Mitchell? Did he have a, a response? Did he react to this?


Well, initially, Agent Mitchell requested very little information from me. It was a one-way street for probably about six months. I think, he was, in every meeting that I had with him, he listened more than he asked questions. He would, a typical meeting would be, "OK, what are they doing today?" And then I would just tell him what was going on around the office in general conversation. He'd say, "OK, what are you doing?" And then I'd tell him what I was doing and then he'd make mental notes, sometime he took shorthand notes and, and then we'd depart. He said, "OK, just keep me informed.' And so we had a very loose relationship at that point because the Panthers weren't too active militarily. OK, they were politically organizing at that point. They were recruiting, at that point, the Panthers were trying to, well, they, they had speaking engagements at the, at the different colleges and so forth, so we were, we were in the organizing process, and there was very little criminal activity as I could determine that was going on. Very little to report to the FBI, in my mind, you know, because I felt like since the FBI was a, a, a, an investigative body investigating federal crimes that crimes were what they were looking at, and so--