Interview with Russell Oswald

Can you, can you just explain the situation a little more fully, in terms of you're trying to save the hostages' lives, you've decided to do it by negotiating, and I'm not exactly following why, what was it that was preventing you from storming in, were you afraid that if you stormed the prisoners the hostages would be killed? Or that by negotiating, you could... I'm not sure that I'm following that.


Well, what I was trying to avoid was having anyone killed. I--naturally I was tremendously concerned with the hostages. But I was also concerned with the many prisoners, and many of them were there of their own accord: they were swept in with the whole ah, retaking of the prison, they had no choice, and a lot of them stayed out, wouldn't go in. So that I was more--I was interested in both. The hostages and the prisoners.